Friday, December 19, 2008

Lemon Grass Restaurant

1300 Garth Street Unit #1
Hamilton, Ontario

My friend J dropped me a message on Facebook asking if I was up to painting. I said yes; it was the least I could do after leaving my car in his garage for 7 months! After painting the first layer of primer, we took a break to let it dry and went out for lunch. J suggested Lemon Grass Restaurant, a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant, on Hamilton Mountain. I have often heard about this restaurant and was glad to get the chance to try it.

I recognized a few Vietnamese items in the the Asian-inspired décor.

J suggested starting with meat spring rolls. The plump spring rolls were freshly fried and piping hot.

Thai Crispy Spring Rolls, $4. Crispy rolls stuffed with ground pork, glass noodles, green beans, leek, cabbage, carrots, served with spicy sweet and sour sauce.

Close up of the filling that is heavy on vegetables.

We then ordered from the lunch menu. J got the Crispy Roast Duck with Sweet and Sour Sauce while I got the Thai Chicken Curry. Each combo came with a soup of the day and a side of rice. The soup was very flavourful with pieces of chicken and coconut milk in the broth. J seemed to enjoy his duck dish but initially wasn't sure what to do with the sauce. I really enjoyed the curry though it did not quite taste like a Thai curry or a Vietnamese one. It was very flavourful and maybe even a tad too salty. The vegetables included peppers, carrots, bamboo and a lot of pieces of onion; luckily, I like onion!

Soup of the day.

Crispy Roast Duck with Sweet & Sour Sauce, $9.

Side of sweet and sour sauce.

Thai Chicken Curry, $7.

Lemon Grass Restaurant served good food. I suspect that the owners are Vietnamese since I heard some Vietnamese and recognized Vietnamese paintings. I think for this reason the Thai food is not quite authentic. I prefer Banh Thai Restaurant for Thai food. As for Vietnamese food, I have not tried any but noticed their phở was quite popular. I would go to B & T restaurant for phở near my house, rather than driving to the Mountain. However, it's a great restaurant for Mountain residents!

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Unknown said...

With several months in Vietnam, you must be familiar with Vietnamese food now. In my opinion, you will be delighted with Vietnamese food at Little Saigon as they are much better. The same as Lemon Grass, their Thai foods are not authentic, however, it has been voted by Hamilton Spectator for Thai food as well. It is worth to try. Check out their website at Thanks for writing about Lemon Grass Restaurant.

Miss.Adventure said...

Thanks for the tip! I have never tried Little Saigon. Is it the one in Westdale? Because I think it got food infractions...

Unknown said...

Little Saigon is in the LimeRidge Mall neighborhood. Its address is 66 Mall Road. I really like the beef soup - pho, the best in Hamilton. If you need a map, check out their website. If you like hot pot, their new Thai Spicy and Sour seafood hot pot is amazing. However, you need a companion for this dish.

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