Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mini Apple Tarte Tatin

After the beef stew for dinner, I followed up with tarte tatin for dessert. I love apple desserts and especially love tarte tatin. I even ordered some in Vietnam at Le Toit Gourmand with The Gastronomer and company! I have been looking for an excuse to try Ricardo's Mini ‘Tatin’ Apple Tarts with Caramel recipe.

I halved the recipe since we were three people. My Gala apples were rather small so had they been bigger, there would have been more filling. I decided to slice the apples and fan them out to make it pretty when I flipped the invidual pies. I'm not sure it was noticeable, especially with the caramel sauce and ice cream, so next time I would just dice the apples.

Coring and peeling Gala apples.

Slicing and dicing Gala apples.

Trying to fan out the apple slices.

Using puff pastry makes this recipe really easy. I have always bought pastry that was already rolled out. The supermarket didn't have that type anymore. However, this one was easy to use also; I just had to cut a piece and roll it out.

Aren't the super thin layers of pastry amazing?

Before flipping the tarte.

I made the caramel sauce and thought the portion was a bit too much. I guess leftover caramel is not necessarily a bad thing... Luckily, I found Häagen-Dazs ice cream on sale for $3.33 so I was able to top the dessert with vanilla bean ice cream. This dessert was a success with the boys, was a breeze to make and looks rather impressive. I'll have to find another opportunity to make this again!

I forgot to take a picture with the caramel sauce... Oops!

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