Wednesday, December 17, 2008

West Town Bar & Grill

214 Locke Street South
Hamilton, Ontario

On the Sunday before my sister L and her boyfriend D were to go back to Montréal, we decided to have breakfast at West Town. We met up after L and I went to church, and after D and my roommate G tired themselves after a game of squash.

I always think I might get something sweet for breakfast but then end up getting a savoury breakfast instead, usually involving bacon. D and G got the same eggs and bacon combo. I requested crispy bacon and they did not disappoint. However, the home fries were not so good. D thought his potatoes were cold. Mine were warm-ish and could have been browner; some pieces were not quite cooked either.

Two eggs, crispy bacon with ho-hum home fries, $5.49.

My sister L is the only one who was tempted by the blueberry Belgian waffles. She also ordered a side of Denninger's breakfast sausage. She enjoyed the waffles although they did not really taste like Belgian waffles (some of us have never been to Belgium once, let alone twice!). The sausages were good and hearty. She was disappointed the syrup was corn syrup and not maple syrup. We are in Canada after all! We then started talking about cabane à sucre (or sugar shack) and I realized the last time I have gone was 8 years ago. Maybe this year...!

Blueberry waffle with sausage, sans sirop d'érable.

D & G (no, not that D&G!) after breakfast.

West Town seems to be my go-to place for breakfast in Hamilton. I don't eat out for breakfast often but I've never really thought about its quality until now when I am writing about it. The food is ok but nothing special. It is very well located on Locke Street but with a blog, I have a reason to go try new places. When I start making money that is...

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Anonymous said...

FAKE MAPLE SYRUP!? That's totally unacceptable! Especially in Canada!! Vern and I once stayed at a B&B in Vermont that had their own sugar shack. We were too lazy to help with the sugaring though. Work vacations are LAME.

Miss.Adventure said...

Sugar shacks are a MUST experience! Everything is served with/in maple syrup!