Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bahn Thai Restaurant

4490 Fairview Street
Burlington, Ontario

I'm not sure how many Thai people there are in Canada but I'm pretty sure there are less than Vietnamese people. This has not stopped the popularity of Thai food though. I like Thai food but I find most Thai restaurants here are on the pricey side. Luckily, Bahn Thai Restaurant has a great set lunch menu.

It's next to McDonald's but I'd rather have Thai food any day!

You'd never guess from the outside... I like the interior that is very Thai inspired.

This is actually where I took my mom to have Thai food for the first time and she really enjoyed it. It is different enough compared to Vietnamese food to feel you are having something new, but not too different that she can't handle it. On this occasion, my mom and I stopped there for lunch after I picked her up from the train station. My mom is in Hamilton for a visit and staying until Thanksgiving.

I think Bahn Thai Restaurant is the best Thai restaurant in these parts. Dinner here can set you back a bit. The lunch combo menu is awesome though; it includes a soup (always hot and sour), a spring roll and a dish of your choice. You can pick among 18 items for $9 (it seems prices have increased at every restaurant!). There are also a few more expensive items for $11 that include shrimps.

I personally love the hot and sour soup but it's very sour and hot. I hope that by bringing my mom here, she can figure out the ingredients and I can replicate the soup. The spring rolls are good, nice and crispy. The filling is a boring mixture of cabbage and carrots. I love the sweet sauce that comes with them though. I am really boring; I always order the pad thai and it never fails me. A lot of the other dishes appeal to me but I don't come frequently enough to not crave pad thai. My mom ordered the squid with basil and she really enjoyed it. The sauce was fragrant because of the basil.

Soup and spring roll (I love the blue and white Thai dishes).

The accompanying sweet and syrup-y sauce.

Pad Thai with Chicken.

Squid with basil, served with rice.

Bahn Thai Restaurant
is a great destination for dinner because it has a nice decor. If you go as a group, you can order different dishes and share. For lunch, the combo meals are a great deal. It can get quite busy with the surrounding businesses but it's a pretty big restaurant and can accommodate a lot of people.

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog in a random search about Pugger burgers....and I would recommend going to My Thai by the Lake at Lakeshore & Brant if you're looking for good thai! It's by far, my favourite thai place in Burlington!

I look forward to reading more from your blog! I didn't even know there were other Vietnamese girls in town! haha ;)

From one Vietnamese girl to another!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

At first I thought your mom was staying for two months. Gee, isn't that a long time?! Then I realized, you meant Canadian Thanksgiving. ;)

Looking forward to more of your mom's recipes then!

Miss.Adventure said...

Woot: I've been to My Thai and it's a much better location. But I do like the food at Banh Thai better. Thanks! There are plenty of Vietnamese people in Hamilton!

WC: Yes, we have Thanksgiving earlier. It was a joke on "How I met your Mother". I got the DVD's for nothing in VN...