Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quesadillas on the BBQ

When we got back from the Niagara wine region, we stopped by the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner. We decided to have quesadillas on the BBQ. I think it's a dish that my sister L and her boyfriend D enjoy often.

Quesadillas on the BBQ
A quesadilla is a quesadilla. Nothing too exciting. However, my sister likes to add one extra ingredient to her quesadilla's. How timely we made these quesadillas after going to Olson Foods. My sister drew inspiration from Anna Olson's quesadilla recipe and likes to add a layer of cream cheese. D think it's a bit "cochon" to have cream cheese when there already is cheese (talking about cochon, Anna Olson's recipe calls for bacon!). You can't have too much cheese, can you? Otherwise, you can add whatever you like. L and D like theirs with beans. We just forgot to buy some!

* whole wheat tortilla's
* cream cheese
* chicken, cooked and shredded (my sister swears shredding the chicken makes it better!)
* green pepper, thinly sliced
* coriander, roughly chopped
* Monterey Jack cheese
* salsa
* guacamole
* sour cream

Combine chicken, red pepper and coriander.
Spread cream cheese on one side of a tortillla.
Add chicken mixture on top.
Top with Monterey Jack cheese.
Grill on the BBQ on both sides until cheese is melted and there are nice grill marks.
Serve with salsa, guacomole and sour cream.

Cream cheese is the secret ingredient!

D volunteered his well-plated quesadilla's.

That's what I like in my kitchen: people hard at work! J making mojito's, D making guacamole and L some vegetable kebabs.

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