Saturday, July 18, 2009

Staropolskie Delikatesy

711 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario

My sister lived in Hamilton for a little over a year. While she was here, she would often go grab a sandwich at Staropolskie Delikatesy with her Polish colleague. Staropolskie does brisk business at lunch time with all the steel workers around. Their sandwiches cost around $4, which actually includes two sandwiches. What a steal!

My sister also introduced me to kielbasa from Staropolskie. I had never had kielbasa before! Kielbasa are Polish sausages that are very flavoured with with garlic and pepper (you whole fridge will smell like kielbasa if you buy some). We try to stick to the leaner ones and one of our favourites is Staropolska kielbasa.

For my sister (and co.)'s second day in Hamilton, we decided to go on a hike up to Dundas Peak. Beforehand, we went to grab sandwiches for lunch. While the twins shared a turkey sandwich and my sister got a ham sandwich, I debated between getting the breaded chicken and what they called hamburger (which was also breaded). I decided on the chicken sandwich but the Polish lady gave me the hamburger instead. I'm glad she made the mistake because I really liked my sandwich. The ground meat was well flavoured but did not taste like a hamburger at all! The sandwiches are made with rye bread and a piece of cheese is added. They also come with a complimentary piece of sausage.

This is half of a half-sandwich. Does that make sense?

After our hiking effort, we got to eat!

We enjoyed the Staropolska kielbasa at home later on. It's embarrassing how much kielbasa I can eat. I can just start slicing and never stop! This kielbasa, studded with flakes of black pepper, was very good indeed!

Staropolska kielbasa.

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