Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pancake House

1520 Main Street W
Hamilton, Ontario

Every time my sister's boyfriend D comes to visit, he gets together with a few friends and plays squash with my roommate G or our friend Superfly. This time was no different, except he also brought his twin with him. So off the boys went to play squash at 8 am; my sister and I went to meet them for breakfast afterwards.

It's funny to go to Pancake House because I haven't been there in years. I lived 5 minutes from there when I was working as a student in Hamilton, a long, long time ago, when we used to throw crazy parties with Menthos-toes (don't ask...). Pancake House is quite popular because it's in Westdale, next to McMaster University. When we got there, it was quite packed.

By the time I took this pic, the crowd had dissipated.

I'm boring. I always get the same thing for breakfast: bacon and eggs. The bacon was crispy without having to ask and the home fries were too. L said they were nearly fries in cube shape. The people who worked there seemed to be very efficient; the food came quickly and the coffee was refilled regularly.

My bacon and eggs (well done) ($4.95).

I have to say I think Pancake House definitely beats West Town Bar & Grill in the cheap breakfast category. I think it might be worth it to drive just a little farther next time for better quality breakfasts.

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Gastronomer said...

I would've gone for a tall stack of pancakes with a generous pour of maple syrup! You lucky Canadians. We only get Aunt Jemima in the States unless it's a fancy place.