Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stoney Creek Dairy Bar

135 King Street East
Stoney Creek, Ontario

After having breakfast at Pancake House, we did shopping while it poured outside. We were lucky to get a break from the rain and played mini-putt. After working up an appetite (playing mini-putt is hard work!), we decided to go have ice cream at Stoney Creek Dairy Bar. Actually, the decision wasn't that casual. My sister L had been harping about having ice cream at Stoney Creek Dairy, how it had been years since she had been there,... Anything to make L happy!

Playing mini-putt at Adventure Village.

Yes, it had been years since my sister and I had visited Stoney Creek Dairy. Our favourite flavour was Dairy Milk ice cream. Unfortunately, I guess they have eliminated that flavour since we last visited. I decided to have the Peach Festival. I like fruity ice cream and thought it was unusual. We were also near Winona, where the annual Winona Peach Festival is held. My peach-flavoured ice cream was great! It was so fragrant. I just wish it had more pieces of peach!

D's ice cream was a good choice. I don't remember the name (something with monkey?). Mine doesn't look as appealing but was very enjoyable!

Ice cream is always good!


EatTravelEat said...

I agree. Ice cream is always good! Peach ice cream sounds interesting. I have never seen peach ice cream available in any store or supermarket before! When I think of peach in a dairy product I usually think it is some type of yogurt. This is not!

Anonymous said...

New Quebec owners have discontinued Winona Peach Festival ice cream