Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A New Blog?!

Welcome to my new blog! To those who are not familiar, this is my second blog. My first was about my misadventures in Vietnam. Now we can explore my misadventures at home... I wanted to share a few reasons/motivations why I am starting a new blog (if you’re read my previous blog, you know I like to make lists… I also like to make comments in parenthesis…ok, I digress…):

- Writing is fun! Writing about food is even more fun! As I suspected, I did write a lot about food on my previous blog. I associate Vietnam with food, and so it was unavoidable to write about food on a blog about my stay in Vietnam! What I found out was that I really enjoyed writing.

- Writing about my mom’s food. Writing these posts about Vietnamese food very often reminded me of my mom’s cooking. Not to boast, but my mom is a super cook! I wanted a chance to share all of her recipes. This will also force me to capture the recipes in an orderly manner!

- Sharing my favourite foods. Having started to read more and more food blogs, I also wanted to share some of my favourite foods. Foods that I’ve been missing in the past months.

- Sharing my own cooking? I also do enjoy cooking. I’m more hesitant about sharing this since I don’t think I make anything special, but we’ll see as I go along how my own cooking is or is not interesting…

- The food blogging community. I have been reading many food blogs. I’d like the chance to participate in food blogging events and exchange in food thoughts!

- Expand my culinary skills. I think this will motivate me to try new things, whether it’s cooking or eating.

- I love my house. And so I would love to share my projects around the house, be it my latest upholstery project or new cushions. BTW: I bought my house two years ago. It's 80 years old but it has been completely renovated. It is still a work-in-progress and so I can hopefully capture the "in-progress" part.

I had been blogging while on “sabbatical”. So as I start working (fingers crossed – job hunting now!), I hope I have enough time to write a couple of times a week. Let the misadventures begin!


Mom said...

GOOD LUCK ! for your job hunting and your new Blog as well. I think you will do good job like you did.
I wish you ALL THE BEST ! Love you!

Gastronomer said...

Yay! I'm so glad you decided to go through with a food/home blog :-) Welcome to the food blogging community, dear friend.

Miss.Adventure said...

I think you might be my only two readers, but thank you!!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

There's me too! :)

Miss.Adventure said...

Yes!! Wandering Chopsticks makes three!!

White on Rice Couple said...

Congrats on your great new adventure, it all looks so fabulous! You are on your way to really connecting even more with your family and traditions.

Food brings me closer to my family because it's something that is vital and central to our family. I look forward to more great recipes and posts from you!

Miss.Adventure said...

Thanks WoRC!