Friday, September 12, 2008

Cafe Limoncello

226-228 Ottawa St. North
Hamilton, ON

I got together with a few former co-workers (N, G and S) for lunch at Limoncello. It's only a few minutes from my former employer so whenever I go there, it just seems like the work cafeteria, with tons of Big D employees having lunch, especially on a Friday. I even saw my ex-boss!

I have experienced the service to be rather slow at Limoncello, but not only was it better today, especially considering it's a Friday, I would say it was excellent. The food was served promptly and the waitress kept asking us how things were.

I (and my old colleague G) got the Grilled Chicken Ciabatta because it comes with a side of criss-cross fries that I cannot resist! I also love that bacon is one of the ingredients, in addition to the chicken. Prices have gone up and the online menu prices have not yet been updated. The home made fries were perfectly seasoned; the sandwich was pretty good except that the chicken was underseasoned, even though I could see plenty of specks of pepper. N and S got the pasta special, cappelletti with chicken, mushroom and ricotta; both enjoyed their meal!

Grilled Chicken Ciabatta, $8.95. I am not used yet to the large North American portions!

Cappelletti with chicken, mushroom and ricotta.

It was nice to see my old colleagues and catch up. On top of that, the restaurant is on Ottawa St. North, in the middle of a fabric store cluster. I went across to Fabricland and found fabric for drapes at $2 a metre. What a steal! I can't wait to get my drapes made and post pictures here!!

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Elle said...

You should always get their lime soda (it's not home made it somes in a can), it's actually lime (not the Pellegrino Limonata) and is so delicious I haven't been able to find something like it anywhere else!