Friday, September 26, 2008

Deli Snowdon

5265 Décarie Boulevard
Montréal, Québec

Montréal is reknown for a few dishes: bagels, poutine and smoked meat. On my last full day in Montréal, my mom, my sister and I went out for lunch and had smoked meat at Snowdon Deli. Most Montrealers would agree that the best smoked meat is from Schwartz's Deli. However, we were near Deli Snowdon and their smoked meat is pretty good too!

My mom does not like many Western dishes. It does not help that she does not like dairy food, so she won't eat anything with cheese or butter. Luckily, this does not exclude smoked meat and fries. She actually really enjoys it. I remember when my sister and I were young, she would bring home smoked meat sandwiches from a deli nearby.

Snowdon Deli.

My sister ordered chicken soup with Matzo ball ($3.50) - I'm a bad food blogger, I forgot to take a picture. I was even about to bite into my sandwich when my mom asked whether I was taking a picture... My sister L said the Matzo ball was good but the chicken broth tasted like it came from a package. We ordered two servings of smoked meat, lean and regular, cooked in the traditional style, one order of fries and one order of dill pickles. I did not order the lean meat because I have had it when it is too dry; my mom and sister said it was good though. Smoked meat is always piled ridiculously high; I cannot open my mouth that wide. The meat is well seasoned with its particular spices and very moist. SO good!!

Smoked meat sandiwch, $5.30. On the left is the lean meat and right is regular, on rye bread.

The fries were excellent, crispy on the inside, soft on the inside!

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