Thursday, September 25, 2008

With Rice: Trứng Hấp (Steamed Eggs)

I ate rice nearly every day growing up at home. At least weekdays for sure. On weekends, my mom would make more time consuming dishes, like phở. Typically with our rice, we had a protein dish, a vegetable dish and often a canh (Vietnamese soup). Since I have moved out, I have not eaten much rice regularly and so have not been eating any of these dishes either. I decided I would change that and learn the recipes.

Most of the dishes accompanying rice are not too time consuming. My mom would leave me instructions to prep vegetables and cook rice when I got home from school. So when she got back, she would just have to cook the ingredients.

Trứng Hấp (Steamed Eggs)
Trứng hấp is a steamed egg dish with ground pork, salted duck egg and century egg. Century eggs are not for everyone, but I like them! It's actually a recipe that my dad's family had, so it's Chinese. I like this dish but have not had it for a number of years since my mom only cooks "special" dishes when I visit and not "regular" ones like this.

* 100 g ground pork
* green onions or onion, chopped small
* 2 eggs, beaten
* 2 salted duck eggs (yolks only), sliced
* 2 century eggs, sliced
* 1 tsp salt
* garlic powder and pepper, to taste
* ¼ cup milk

Place all ingredients in a dish that will fit everything.
Mix the beaten eggs in with everything else.
Steam for 20 minutes; let a bit of air in - my mom leaves a chopsticks between the lid and steamer.

All the raw ingredients in one dish.

Beaten eggs and pork mixed together

Steamed eggs. It does not look all that appetizing but it's good, I swear!


Gastronomer said...

That certainly isn't food porn, but I trust you that it's tasty.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

My family makes it with salty fish and vermicelli. But I got three preserved duck eggs just calling my name.

Miss.Adventure said...

G: No, not food porn at all...

WC: I remember my mom making a dish with salty fish, but I think it was just ground pork? I'd have to ask her. It seriously has been over 7 years since I spent over a week at my mom's!