Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thai Salad with Tuna

I have gone back to eating my old standby lunch these days. I ate it at least twice a week when I worked. It's not very exciting but it's easy and healthy. I get to eat a good portion of vegetables from the lettuce and protein from tuna. It also uses a Newman's Own dressing so I thought I would feature this salad as a homage to Paul Newman.

Thai Salad with Tuna
This salad only requires assembling. I would bring lettuce to work. I had a bottle of dressing in the shared refridgerator and a few cans of tuna in my desk drawer. Clover Leaf makes a range of flavours for tuna but the Spicy Thai Chili is by far my favourite. Between the tuna and the dressing, the salad has a great kick that ensure it is not a boring salad.

* lettuce, washed and torn
* Newman's Own low fat sesame Thai dressing
* ½ can spicy tuna

Toss lettuce with dressing.
Add tuna and mix.

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