Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr Pattie

5312 Patricia Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
Bakery: 514.483.2323
Home: 514.486.8369

You can get a surprising variety of food of different origins in Vietnam: Indian, Brazilian, Spanish, Middle Eastern and German/Turkish. However, they did not have everything, such as Jamaican food. Montréal has Jamaican food and so I got to eat some Jamaican patties. My sister ordered them for pre-bachelorette celebrations (something about pole dancing, I didn’t ask more…). She ordered extra for a gathering at my mom’s.

My sister ordered cocktail sized patties for the parties. She grabbed a beef patty for herself and a vegetarian one for me to try. The beef one was stuffed with ground beef with a slight kick but I could have handled more. The combination of the flaky shell and ground meat is reminiscent of a Vietnamese bánh paté chaud. The vegetarian one was stuffed with frozen vegetables it seemed, like corn and green beans. It was still very good with the same kick.

Regular size pattie, $1.25 each. The top one is the beef pattie, bottom is vegetable.

Cocktail patties, $7.50 per dozen. The red dotted patties are the vegetable ones.

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