Friday, July 9, 2010

Arouch (Montréal, QC)

5216 chemin Côte-Des-Neiges
Montréal, Québec

On a hot Saturday, I went to hang out with my sister before the bachelorette festivities for her that night. Our goal was to find me some jewelry for her wedding. I had previously mentioned that I wanted to try Turkish pizza. Since a new restaurant opened up near her condo, I wanted to try it out.


I got the Lahmadjoun garlic pizza, which has ground beef and tomato sauce. The pizza's have a thin crust. They're pretty small and you can fold them to eat them more easily. I'm sure I could have downed a couple, but I was trying to save some space for dinner so I just had one. It made for a perfect snack! The sauce was very flavourful, and would make any girl who likes savoury food happy!

Lahmadjoun garlic pizza.

My sister decided to go with the healthier option, the Greek pizza with cheese and spinach pizza.

Folding it up makes it easier to eat!

I don't remember the prices but they were both quite inexpensive, under $3.00 I believe. Arouch seems to be quite popular since they have a few locations in Montréal. It would make a great stop after clubbing - not that I ever go clubbing (well, on that particular night, I did)...

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Alex said...

These are The best Armenian pizzas =) not Turkish ;)