Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Duc de Lorraine (Montréal, PQ)

5002 Chemin de la Côte des Neiges
Montréal, Québec

After a night of débaucheries (not really, rather a night of aching feet because of high heels!), my sister and I went to grab breakfast at Duc de Lorraine near her condo. If you've lived in Montréal, you probably know Duc de Lorraine for its croissants. It's been around on Côte des Neiges for over 50 years!

IMG_0601 IMG_0603

In the picture below, it seems we shared a croissant, a chocolate croissant and an abricotine (apricot with custard pastry). The croissants are hot and buttery but I really enjoyed the apricot and custard combination. While I tried to savour the pastries as best I could, my sister was going to have much better in the near future; she went to Paris for her honeymoon!

Plate of pastries!

There are many French pastries around Montréal but this is definitely one of the best around!

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Another pâtisserie nearby:
* Première Moisson

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