Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eggsquis (Brossard, QC)

6400 boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Québec

The main reason I was visiting Montréal was that my lovely sister L was getting married and I wanted to take part in all of the pre-wedding celebrations. So upcoming posts will include her bachelorette and wedding! On this occasion, we were having brunch with (female) family friends. After discussing going to dim sum, we decided to meet at a breakfast place so we would have time to chitchat and not be rushed out the door.

Girls only brunch!

Since I was too busy catching up and hosting "How well does the Bride know the Groom?" (on this occasion, very poorly...), I very quickly took pics of our plates and even passed my camera around. Unfortunately, I did not take very good notes on what was ordered and how much. Overall verdict: very big portions of good breakfast food!

IMG_0489 IMG_0491
IMG_0496 IMG_0492
Clockwise from top left: my buckwheat crêpes with berries, eggs Florentine, Le 15 juillet 1995 (2 eggs, baked beans, potatoes for $8.95) and a banana chocolate pancake.

Being the future dainty bride that my sister was, she decided for a healthy option with L'Excellence Classique ($11.75) consisting of smoked salmon, bagel and cream cheese, a salad and fruit.

What a colourful plate!

A crêpe filled with bananas.

Crêpe with raspberries and crème pâtissière (pastry cream).

There are several Eggsquis location across Québec. All breakfast items include coffee and they just bring out a coffee carafe for you to pour yourselves - no need waving down a waitress for coffee. The service was pretty quick.

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