Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Montfort Restaurant

1019 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario

My friend T invited me out for a quiet dinner for my birthday (yours truly just joined the 30+ club...). She suggested Shenai but since I just had Indian food, I suggested Montfort Restaurant in Westdale. As we walked in, all the tables were taken in the front section so we went into the back, to find a few of our friends there for a surprise. My roommate G organized it (thanks G!).

I had brought my camera to take pictures for this post. I felt rather shy though taking pictures in front of so many people. I don't think my friends are into blogs and they thought it was very funny. This explains why there are not too many pictures. I just wanted to take them quickly.

T and I shared a plate of deep fried calamari. I can never refuse calamari! The portion was quite generous and we had to share with others. The calamari was excellent!

Fried Calamari on a bed of lettuce, $10.95.

I ordered the Montfort Chicken because I am boring and I always order it. I really enjoy the pita sandwich over-stuffed with chicken and pineapple. T ordered the souvlaki plate with a side of Fatoush salad. Many of the guys went for the grilled meats dish (no picture!) and seemed to enjoy everything.

What is most special about Montfort is the garlic dip and onion curry sauces. You can ask for as much as you want and we sure took advantage of that. I pretty much added sauce to my pita after every bite. The garlic sauce is my favourite and very addictive.

Yummy garlic and onion sauce.

Montfort Chicken, $6.90.

Close-up of the chunks of chicken breast and pineapple spilling out of the pita.

Chicken Souvlaki, served with rice and Fatoush salad, $16.99.

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Gastronomer said...

Happy Birthday, Nina!! Smooches and hugs from L.A.

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Heya Girl! Happy happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day! :)
---- Heart and Hearth

Miss.Adventure said...

G: Thank you, thank you! I bet hugs from LA are really warm...

SDG: Thanks for the bday wishes!

Unknown said...

I just tried it yesterday too. I am looking for what you would even call the red onion sauce. It was amazing.