Saturday, October 18, 2008

Before & After: My Curtains

I fell in love with Kara Weaves of Kerala when it was featured on design*sponge. More specifically, I thought that maybe one day I could splurge and get curtains there, once I got a job. If I could have picked anything, I would have picked the diagonal or mango pattern in gold. However, I was shopping at Fabricland when I saw a fabric that was very similar to the vertical stripes in gold. The best part: it was $2 a metre!!

Then hanging out in Montreal, I found curtain rods at Zellers that were 40% off. Sweet! The only exception to my "financial luck" was that I wanted grommets. They were $8.99 for 8. I need 3 sets of 8, for the two sets of curtains. I thought it would be ridiculous to have grommets be the most expensive items for my curtains so my mom sewed me curtains with tabs instead. I can add grommets later when I find them on sale.

Window in my Dining Room.

Slowly, but surely, my home is starting to look "finished". Well, the downwstairs anyway; the upstairs is still a disaster!

Window in my Living Room.

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