Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cushions with Vietnamese Fabric

When I was in Vietnam, I regularly thought about my house, and more specifically how I wanted to further decorate it. Especially after reading design blogs. I lived on a street with 4-5 fabric stores and was always on the lookout for something out of the ordinary. A print caught my eye on my way to the gym one day. It was beige and white, and there was also a turquoise version (that I also purchased). When I inquired there were 2 metres left of a brown version. I promptly purchased it to recover my chairs.

I've already had a post about my chairs, reupholstered in a leaf pattern. I obvious did not get to use the Vietnamese fabric. I thought it would be perfect as cushions for my couch. So I took advantage of my mom, quite literally, and got her to sew me new cushions. I did take the chance to re-learn how to work the sewing machine she has left me (and that has not been used much...). I really hope to use my newly re-gained skills.

I really like the print and I think the cushions came out very well, especially with the buttons. This just proves that you can find nice fabric in Vietnam, you just have to look really hard!


Elle said...

The cushions look nice... but what? now I don't get any for my note board?

Miss.Adventure said...

Linda: I forgot what you wanted to do... There's still some left!