Monday, October 20, 2008

Before & After: My Kitchen Chairs II

I have already written about two of the chairs reupholstered with the help of my mom (or by my mom with a little bit of my help). While she was here for a visit, I got her to help me with three more. Two were run-of-the mill, no big deal. I purchased them new at Winners seven years ago, when I finished school. There were only two available; this seemed to be the start of my mis-matched chair collection. I wasn't sure if I should cover them to match the rest since they look quite modern. However, the seating looked a bit dirty and I can always remove the fabric if I want.

The other one, with the original green vinyl upholstering, comes with a story. First of all, I love any retro-looking teak furniture. I spotted this chair while walking around one Saturday morning last year. I decided to buy it (for $10!!) and it had to be carried home.

I think this chair is very nice. I like the lines. I found out from the tag that it was made in Canada, about 40 years ago. It required some creative re-upholstering because of the top part. My mom totally came to the rescue. I could not have done it without her! You can see some staples in the back, but they are very subtle. To be fair, we could also see nails in the back on the green vinyl cover.

Now, I have a (nearly) perfect set of 5 chairs. When is the dinner party?

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