Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chili Sauce

I was shopping and noticed a pack of Thai chili's on sale for $1.00 because they were starting to go bad. I remembered that I wanted to try to make Wandering Chopsticks' Vietnamese Lemongrass Chili sauce so I picked it up. Unlike the time I bought a bunch of tomatoes to make Wandering Chopsticks' oven-dried tomatoes and let them go slightly bad, I actually used the chili's this time!

My cheap chili package had a lot of green chili's and I was worried it was going to affect the overall colour of the sauce. So I bought additional yellow, orange and red chili's to compensate. I was very happy with the sauce. The aroma was so delicious that I kept trying it even though it was very spicy. I think I might have to make some and give them as Christmas gifts to my chili-loving friends (especially family friends from Huế!).

The small chili's on the left cost me $1.00.

I was worried I would have a hard time processing the lemongrass but they came out fine.

The fumes from the chili's were tear inducing!

I couldn't wait to have some chili sauce. I happened to make bò bía that night. Instead of mixing Sriracha with hoisin sauce as I usually do, I mixed the hoisin sauce with my new chili sauce. It added so many more dimensions to the dipping sauce! I think I especially liked the flavour the lemongrass added.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Freaky! I processed some chilies last night! I'm making just tuong ot, without the xa. I was getting tired of the runny nose and tears. ;)

They are great as gifts. If my family didn't gobble it up as quickly as I made it, I'd actually have some left over to pass around.

I'm glad I made the oven-dried tomatoes when I did. I bought some recently and they tasted all bland and mealy now.

Miss.Adventure said...

WC: I think this will be a hit as gifts! I thought tomatoes were in season all year round in California!