Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom's Ginger Snaps

Not my mom's...! I didn't actually grow up with freshly baked cookies. I'm not even sure that my mom has ever baked cookies in her life. Cakes, most definitely. With flavours like pandan leaf... Since my mom is at my place for a visit I thought I would make her something. However, there's not much that I make that she doesn't make better, but I know she enjoys these ginger snaps and... they're a snap to make!

I definitely have a "salty tooth" rather than a sweet tooth. So cakes and cookies are not my thing. However, I am a sucker for freshly baked cookies! My ex-roommie D got this recipe from her friend K, who got it from I have never screwed them up because they are so easy. I also have consistently been complimented on them. Most people assume they are store-bought! They were included in my Christmas treats giveaway last year!

Note: The recipe made about 40 cookies and does not have any dairy (or my mom would not enjoy them!).

The cookie dough.

Rolling the ball into sugar.

Ready to be baked!

Ginger snaps to be enjoyed! I especially like the crater-like cracks...

The insides are perfect: soft and slightly chewy!


Gastronomer said...

Those look EXCELLENT! And no dairy!? How is that possible?

Miss.Adventure said...

The large amount of oil makes up for it!