Sunday, October 5, 2008

Drying Lavender

I did not have high expectations for my garden when I came back from Vietnam. My roommate G is not really a gardener and he travels a lot (who goes to Africa twice in one summer?). G did weed a couple of times while I was gone and I reapply appreciate it (Thanks G!). To my great surprise, I was happy to see the lavender that The Boyfrend planted last year was doing well and had greatly increased in size. It's lovely; every time I walk by, I get a great lavender scent!

I have a bouquet of dried lavender in my bathroom that my sister got. I really like it. So why not make my own bouquet, I thought. After researching on the internet, I found the simplest instructions on and followed them. I pretty much cut the stems that had a flower to a similar length. I tied them with a rubber band because I read that as the stems dry, they may shrink and fall. A rubber band prevents this by contracting with the lavender.

Now, I just have to wait a few weeks until they are dry and find a nice vase to put it in. My house smells great now. If I'm not too lazy, I may dry more lavender to make sachets. We'll see...

Lavender on my table.

Lavender in front of my house.

Hanging lavender on my blinds.

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