Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Sister's Wedding

As I mentioned in previous posts, the reason I was in Cape Cod was for my sister L's nuptials to D. L and D rented a beautiful beach house in Provincetown, where we had all been staying. Months of preparation culminated to this special day. We hoped for good weather; instead it stopped raining just enough for the backyard ceremony.


As for the food, their caterer PTown Parties Catering provided a perfect New England feast. After the ceremony, we enjoyed cocktails while L and D went to get pictures taken at the beach. Appetizers included freshly fried clams, potato latkes, mini BLT's and endive spears. I was too busy to take pictures but everything was quite tasty. Being cheese lovers, L and D also had prepared an extensive selection of cheeses.

L thought of every detail for the wedding!

After L & D's return, we sat down for our meal (that is, after I gave my toast, which somewhat helped me regain my appetite!). We were first served clam chowder. You can't have a New England meal without, can you? It honestly was the best clam chowder I had. It struck a perfect balance of clam brininess and creaminess; I realized then that most chowders are too rich and heavy. My boyfriend A arrived right before the ceremony and enjoyed his corn chowder that he was highly praising too. (By the way, A generously offered to take food pictures of me.)

DSC_0054 DSC_0055
Corn and clam chowders.

The main meal (the majority ordered the lobster) was served with jalapeno corn bread with honey butter. The corn bread was good but had a surprising kick from the jalapeno that was a bit overwhelming.

Corn bread served with honey butter.

Finally, our lobster arrived. I have to admit I slightly regretted my lobster decision. I just didn't want to work for my food at that moment (embarrassingly, I was spoiled and got help from my mom...). However, the lobster meat couldn't be more fresh. A's vegetarian option consisted of a lasagna that seemed quite good. Each main dish was accompanied by roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and half an ear of corn.

DSC_0068 DSC_0062
264 268
Top: Lobster and lasagna. Bottom: the newlyweds getting ready to chow down!

L and D's wedding was a small affair, 30+ guests. The night was filled with different activities, from the Mexican shoe game to the anniversary dance. The night did end with traditional cakes. The chocolate mousse and carrot cakes came from Whole Foods. The prices were ridiculously reasonable compared to wedding cakes. I couldn't eat more that night but I did really enjoy the carrot cake for breakfast on the next two mornings!

Cake time (L made the cake toppers)!

It was a beautiful wedding and a memorable night. Congratulations to my sister L and my b-i-l D! I was happy to be there as maid-of-honour! If you'd like to check out more pics, their photographer Shang Chen did an amazing job!

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Shang said...

Oh hello, looks like I've found your food blog! Yums!

Anonymous said...

What is the Mexican shoe game? How is it played?

Miss.Adventure said...

I read about it here, but I realized it's not a Mexican game at all. I think I got confused because they went to a Mexican restaurant. Sorry about the inaccuracy!